Luke Coutinho
Famous Nutritionist, Author, Speaker, Master Coach

(Luke is Head Nutritionist and Master Coach at GOQii, International collaborator with Yale University, Training partner, Nutrition detectives and  Partner in Program delivery, Lifestyle Medicine)


Hi I am Luke,  

My journey has been magical. I started off coaching people on health and lifestyle, nutrition and exercise. I trained and counselled clients across NewYork, New jersey, Dubai , London and when I moved back to India, I invested more of my time in working clients on their nutrition, disease and lifestyle. I also used a bit of time during travel to put together my first book which was published a few years ago, ' Eat Smart. Move More, Sleep Right '.

 Life had a different calling for me and I chose to follow that. I got deeply involved in cancer and began to treat patients in the space of integrated healing and lifestyle medicine.I had success with approach I used, which is really nothing but breaking into and then building up the immune system.I realized that the disease is mutli-factorial and hence needed a muti-factorial approach. Just a doctor, oncologist, or a nutritionist, or a healer did not work. I learnt that you need a team to treat this disease and cooperation between everyone working together on the case led to the best results. 

 In regards to physical activity I believe in short workouts and that less is more. I believe in the concept of workouts that don’t last for over 25 to 30 minutes as post 35 to 45 minutes the body produces cortisol which is a stress hormone that then works against the body and actually leads to more abdominal fat gain, especially if the exercise program is not backed with super nutrition.

I am addicted to meditation, something i built into my life over the last 2 years and it has brought me results better than anything ,ever when it comes to handling stress and life. 

The three lifestyles I live by –

Vitamin ‘o’ – oxygen. Everything happens in the presence of oxygen, right from fat burn to assimilation and absorption of nutrients into our cells from the food we eat, to having the ability to lower stress and stress hormones naturally. Most people breathe the wrong way and insufficiently. 

Here's how you can change your life and health with the next thing you put in your mouth.

  • Breathe deeply before you eat. ( 3-4 deep breaths)
  • Let oxygen really flow thru your body.
  • Between every morsel or bite, take in one deep breath.
  • Master this and eat what you want in moderation. If its an ice cream or chocolate or a tiramisu, breathe, eat it slow, breathe some more.

Sleep and recovery – This is the second lifestyle I abide by. I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Rest and recovery is vital for your immunity, managing stress and cortisol and making your workout more effective. All growth, repair and cleansing as well as hormonal balance happens while we sleep, so we cannot afford to cut down on this.

Mind body connection – I completely believe in this connection. I believe every sickness can start in the mind and can even be healed by the mind. The want to eat junk starts in the mind. The ‘ fat ‘ problem that plagues so many lives is all in the mind and never in any ‘pill’ or diet. Diets don’t work, lifestyles do.


Happy to share my knowledge and help anyone live a healthy lifestyle. AskMeAnything!



What your tips to getting and keeping a flat tummy? Is the solution a intense workout routine or a better diet?

- cortisol is the biggest enemy,,,manage stress effectively so as to keep cortisol in check as it is this hormone that comes in between a flat tummy goal. Breathe deeply to lower cortisol levels


- Diet is alsmot everything,,,eat clean balanced meals , nuts and seeds and plently of veggies..sty hydrated and keep dinners light


- high interval training and body weight exercises are super,,,master the pull up and that will help with a flat tummy


- sleep and recovery,,,extremely important,,,7-8 hours of restful sleep...remember the body grows and repairs and the hormones balance while we sleep

- explore Tabata,,,its a super way of burning body fat,,,,always have these exercises in your routine,,,pull ups, squats, planks ( front and side), super mans, lunges, push ups, russian twists and calf raises..



keep your bowel movement in to notch condition,,,

Obesity is one of the biggest medical issues today and it's more rampant in children than ever before. Along with that diabetes and heart diseases are plaguing us. What do you think are the major factors that are causing this? Is the GMO food, lack of exercise, poor diets, too many carbs, wheat and gluten or all of the above? I personally struggle with weight management and haven't found a good solution that works over time yet.

Hi Amandeep, 


Yes it is one of the biggest medical issues and it's worriesome that its so rampant in children today.

You have rightly listed out the main causes - 

GMO -  i would add the cancer connection to this to.

Lack of exercise and overall physical activity...sedentary lifestyes,,,in correct and mindless exercising,,training without proper nutrition..

Pood diets, fad diets, 

Too many of the wrong carbs,,processed carbs espeically,,good quality and complex carbs are actually essential for great health.

Almost all diseases are lifestyle diseases, diseases caused by poor lifestyle and might I add stress which has a direct impact on our health and immunity

My suggestions for weight management is


- keep it simple,,,go for wholesome foods, balanced diets, something that is in relation to your roots and staple.

- eat slow, chew, eat mindfully and stop when full..never eat with guilt

- Make a plan that revolves around good nutrition, exercise, even if its just a walk, good sleep and recovery and handling emotions and stress effectively..stress is one of the main reasosns many struggle to lose weight due to the hormone cortiosl


do an exercise you love and be consistent with that


sleep and recover well


Meditate,,this is so important as it helps inculcate mindfullness and that further leads to awareness and thats where all the solutions begin to take effect.


Look at hydration and look at minimizing sugar and processed foods

make small habits and take one baby step at a time

let me know how you do

How did you meet Shilpa Shetty and what nutrition guidance did you give her?

We met through a common friend. The guidance has always been based on whole foods, simplicity, mindful exercise and managing stress and emotions in the most effective way. Shilpa never really needed guidance, she was well informed and had already ...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free

What are some common techniques you tell your clients to help them maintain a particular diet or lifestyle after a consulting program?

Don't use the ' all or nothing attitude ' when it comes to food. Everything in moderation and learn ways to compensate when you have eaten wrong or missed out on a work out or sleep. Embrace food and don't make it your enemy. When there is an ene...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free

What has been differences you observed when working with Indian clients and overseas clients say from NewYork?

Many.... Mindsets to begin with.  In Newyork, people tend to own accountability and responsibilty for their health. In India, ( no genarlizing), but people tend to put their health in the hands of doctors, nutritionists, etc and expect to be fix...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free

If I have to pick with just using rice instead of Wheat for my carbs intake is that okay?

yes it is, but I encourage you to select brown or red or black or wild rice. These grains have so much more nutrition and fiber than plain white rice. They are all gluten free too. Explore other grains as well, besides wheat. ragi, jowar, nacchni...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free

I always feel like Indian food has a lot of carbs. Can you describe a sample low carb Indian diet for a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner)?

There are good carbs and bad carbs....and it's up to us to balance the protein and good fats into the diet examples of good carbs are your whole grains like brown rice, millets, dalia, ragi, jowar , barley, bajra, semolina...and ofcourse all vege...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
What are your thoughts on low-carb or no-carb diets like Paleo?
Keep everything balanced.....balanced nutrition and diets is the safest for the body. Use low carb and other diets like paleo only when its really needed and there is a specific goal. never use these diets as a quick fix. The body needs all macron...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Does taking multivitamin help people slim down to some extent?
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