Jayne Ronayne
Co-Founder/CEO KonnectAgain, 30 under 30 shaping Ireland's future

Jayne Ronayne is the co founder and CEO in KonnectAgain, a software system which helps Universities to connect with and keep track of alumni with fundraising in mind. It is her second start-up after Your Yearbook, an online yearbook system she set up while still studying at University College Cork and sold to universities around Ireland. 



In her own words:


Describe 2 decisions you took that highly impacted the trajectory of your career

=> "Turned down investment, jumped on a plane to go to San Francisco"


"Tell us about your journey in few words"

=> "emotional, exciting, unexpected, hangovers, coffee addiction, happy, lonely"

Whats the story about raising your first round of funding?

We have some amazing angel investors who were selected not only for their financial capacity but more importantly for what they could bring to the table as advisors and mentors. It is important to round out your portfolio of investors according to what type of skill-sets and networks your company needs access to. Money is flush at the moment; so choose wisely.

How did you get your first 100 users or first few universities?

We offered customers the opportunity to come on as a beta customer for a much lower price as we respected that they were taking a risk coming on with an early-stage company. We also made sure that for every early customer that we understood their goals for our product and we set milestones from the get-go. If these milestones were achieved, they agreed to become full customers as they saw the value we were providing. We also hired a former Alumni Director as our Director of Biz Dev who has a great network and a great story: she was inspired to leave her job in order to help us revolutionize the alumni relations industry! 

Whats the story about meeting your co-founder. How did you convince them to work with you and work on your idea?

Helen and I were introduced by a mutual friend. We were lucky as we instantly got along, but most importantly we both shared the passionate and drive for KonnectAgain. It’s important to have a great relationship with your co-founder and be open ab...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
#AskJayneRonayne What difference do you see in the startup cultures in Ireland and Silicon Valley? What are some pros and cons?
Pro's: Dublin has an amazing tech/startup culture here that is only getting stronger. The talent is also pretty incredible as people are very educated and want to get involved in startups. Great tech community here — people are always willing to h...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
#AskJayneRonayne What's the process of getting selected for 30under30 in Ireland. How were nominated, when did you hear about it first etc?
I actually have no idea what the selection process was behind the scenes, but when the Irish Independent notified me, I was ecstatic and humbled! It was very validating of our mission to completely revolutionize the way individuals around the glob...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Have you experienced any issues with naming the company as KonnectAgain instead of ConnectAgain? Would you change it if starting again? We are in the process of renaming our company and wonder what effect a non-std spelling have on social products?

What led to the idea of KonnectAgain? Whats the story?