Hillary Clinton
Hilary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is an American politician who served as the 67th United States Secretary of State under President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2013. The wife of the 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton, she was First Lady of the United States during his tenure from 1993 to 2001. She served as a United States Senator from New York from 2001 to 2009, and is a candidate for President of the United States in the 2016 presidential election.

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Do you believe that — vice president biden is — has made it very clear he’s looking at getting in. how does it change the race if he gets in?
Well if he gets in, I will continue to speak positively about him because I feel that way. we’ve been friends a long time. but I will put forth my platform, what I want to do to build on what president obama has done. and then the democratic voters will make their decision.
But for you to — you’re saying that you weren’t aware that they were doing this and you don’t approve of it, but the fact that they’re doing it, isn’t that really an effort to intimidate the vice president against getting into the race?
Judy, I have no — I don’t know anything about it. I can’t comment on it any further than I have.
Well — and just continuing in that vein, the david brock group, it’s been reported this week in new york magazine, is digging through vice president biden’s past, his record, in so-called opposition research. my question is do you approve of this?
You know, I — first of all, I have no knowledge of it. I have been very clear, anybody who listens to my public statements, anybody who pays attention to what I say, I want to give vice president biden whatever space and time he needs to make his ...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Would you call on them to cease and desist and stop criticizing senator sanders?
I just said I want them to — I want people who support me to go after republicans. that’s what I — i’ve said it before, i’m saying it again on this show.
You have said there are super-pacs out there in this campaign, as everybody is aware, you’ve said that the super-pac that’s out there supporting you, at least one of them, that they are there really to criticize republicans. but — and you’ve said you can’t unilaterally disarm, but one of the pacs that’s supporting you is now attacking senator sanders. it’s connecting him to the — to the late venezuelan dictator jugo chavez, to the new, very liberal labor leader in great britain. i guess my question is is do you approve of this? going after senator sanders by the super-pac? we know there’s coordination.
Well, I don’t know anything about what you’re saying. I have no knowledge of what they are doing. i’ve said I want anybody supporting me to go after republicans because whatever differences we might have on the democratic side, they pale in compar...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
But isn’t that a contrast — are you saying that’s a contrast with senator sanders?
I’m saying this is my position. you know, we’re going to have a debate next week. I don’t know what we’re going to be asked about. I will state my position and others will state their positions.
Let me bring you back home to the subject of guns and gun control in the aftermath of this terrible shooting at the community college in oregon. this week, you came out for tightening controls on guns and you talked about what you would do differently. is this really laying out the defining difference between you and senator sanders when it comes to gun control?
Well, look, I think this is something I care passionately about. I have been — i’ve spoken out and tried to work on this for more than 20 years. as first lady, I went to see the victims of columbine families, I have spoken to too many people who h...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
So doesn’t that add up to misreading what was going on?
No, I don’t think so at all. when we dealt, in 2009, 2010 and the first part of 2011, with the russian government sitting across from medvedev in many meetings, we got results. putin comes back, of course you have to readjust because he’s coming b...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
But putin was always in the background.
Well, he was, but he letting medvedev make the decisions backed up by him. we got the new start treaty to lower the nuclear arsenals, we got permission to send lethal material across russia, so we could resupply our troops in afghanistan. we got s...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
You’ve dealt with president putin. you favored the so-called “re-set” with russia in 2009. my question is: did you and others in the administration misread putin and underestimate what he was capable of doing?
Well, remember when president obama came into office, putin was not president, medvedev was president, and medvedev turned out to be a good partner on a set of issues that we were really concerned about. number one, how we were going to impose int...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
But if it came to it, it could come to shooting down russian planes, if they’re in that no-fly zone.
Well, let’s not talk about a hypothetical no-fly zone that doesn’t even exist. my whole idea is you put together a potential no-fly zone, something the turks and others have been asking for for some time. you go to the russians and you say, “look,...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
What do you mean “action taken”?
Well, they’ve been put on notice, as I understand it, from nato. turkey sent up fighters. that’s a pretty strong sense of notice that, “russia, get out of our airspace.” so, we need to send a clear message to russia. the turks are doing it backed ...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Would you be prepared to shoot down russian planes if they flew into this no-fly area?
No. the point is to have the leverage of this discussion. the russians have already invaded turkish airspace. turkey is a nato ally. they are now on notice if they invade the airspace of a nato ally, there will be action taken. this is in the abse...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Something else on foreign policy — syria. you came out and have said you would favor the idea of a no-fly — setting up a no-fly zone to protect refugees and others. but in talking to experts, they say in order to do that, you’d have to take out syria’s air defenses, most of which, or at least much of which are in urban areas. in other words, you would have to go into an area with huge civilian casualties in order to set up this no-fly zone. is that something you’re prepared to take on?
Well, there are different parts of the country with different levels remaining of air defense. there are now parts of the country that are totally outside the control of the syrian government. they don’t have, if any are still standing, command an...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
You’ve commented on what kevin mccarthy said about the political nature of this committee, but what do you expect from chairman trey gowdy when those hearings get under way on october 22nd?
I don’t know what to expect. i testified, as you know, in both the house and the senate on benghazi. I commissioned an independent inquiry that came up with conclusions. there have been seven other committees in the congress looking into benghazi;...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Just one other question on this. why wouldn’t it have been better at the very beginning of all this to simply say I did this, I wanted a private server because i’ve been through this kind of thing before. I didn’t want republican congressmen rifling through my personal e-mails.wouldn’t that have done away with the controversy, done away with people now saying they don’t trust you?
Well, all I can tell you, judy, is that that’s not what happened. I did not give any thought to it. I had used my own e-mail, I got into the state department. it was allowed. I did it for convenience. my husband already had a system, I just added ...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
But the first request came to you alone in response to the committee, and I guess glenn kessler’s point is that this was the indication that the state department did not realize before that that you were conducting government business on your — solely on your private server.
I just don’t think that’s credible. I e-mailed with hundreds of people in the state department, across the government, some even in the congress, and so that is just not credible. and look, there is an investigation going on looking into the secur...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Your private e-mail server. the washington post fact checker, glen kessler wrote this weekend that when you speak publicly about how you handle the disclosure requests, you don’t include the fact that the first request came just to you from the state department, based on the congressional inquiry. you have referred to it came at a time when all former secretaries of state were asked for information.
Well, my understanding of what happened is that the state department had e-mails that they gave to the committee that was formed, we now know, to politically, in a partisan way, go after me, not investigate what happened in benghazi, and that we’d...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Just very quickly, you mentioned the middle class. you’ve said you favor middle-class tax cuts. my question is, would yours be bigger or smaller than what the republicans have put out there? donald trump is out there with a plan. jeb bush is out there with a plan. what would yours look like? are you ready to say?
Well, I want to have families be able to invest in what they tell me they care about: how do they pay for child care? how do they pay for college? how do they pay the daily expenses of health care and the other things that are really straining the...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
But just quickly, if this agreement is rejected, asia experts are saying this is going to influence — it’s going to decrease the influence of the u.s. in asia, it is going to give a boost to china, which is trying to become more dominant, and doesn’t it conflict with your pivot to asia when you were secretary of state?
I don’t think so, because the best way that we can exercise influence in asia is to remain the world’s strongest economy here at home and that means we have to have more middle-class jobs, more people being in the middle class, more people being a...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
So is president obama wrong? I mean, he’s vigorously descending this. he is saying that is does protect jobs. he says that when it comes to worrying about jobs that automation and technology are more responsible than trade agreements.
Look, I think the president has been extraordinarily effective in making as strong a case as could be made and I think his hard work and that of his team has certainly moved this agreement, again, based on what I read about it because I can’t read...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
So are you saying that as of today, this is not something you could support?
What I know about it, as of today, I am not in favor of what I have learned about it. and there’s one other element I want to make because I think it’s important. trade agreements don’t happen in a vacuum, and in order for us to have a competitive...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
The trans-pacific partnership. the u.s. and 11 other countries covering 40 percent of the global economy, 800 million consumers. it’s already started a big battle between people who love free trade and people who care more about protectionism. where do you come down?
Well, I have said from the very beginning that we had to have a trade agreement that would create good american jobs, raise wages and advance our national security. and I still believe that’s the high bar we have to meet. I have been trying to le...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Hello from south africa! saturday was nelson mandela's birthday. did you learn anything from your friendship with mandela that you have / would like to incorporate into your life or into your advice for others? thanks hillary and wishing you all the best with your campaign.
Thanks, linda, for this question. I've told many people that nelson mandela was the greatest person I've had the privilege of meeting, and he taught me a lot. one lesson was the power of overcoming bitterness, hatred, feelings of disappointment th...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Hillary this will be my daughters first time voting for a president what will you say to her and all first time voters to inspire them to come out and vote and to let them know not to loose hope in this great country of ours. certainly things do not look to bright these days
Antoinette - thank you for asking this question, because every election has to be about the future. and this is about your daughter's prospects for making the most out of her own life here in our country. I believe it's important to vote because I...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Your aides said today that you are evaluating a proposal to incentivize more long term investing by altering the capital gains tax. the proposal includes increasing the tax on short term investments from 24% to more than 28%. in 2008, you said you would not raise the capital gains rate above 20%. why the change?
Hi dan, good to see you in arkansas on saturday. in my speech at the new school last week I talked about the increase in short-term thinking in the private sector. later this week, I will be outlining a number of proposals, including capital gains...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
All serious questions aside, do you have a favorite pantsuit to wear. being an avid follower for years, there have been quite a few to cross those public forum stages. surely you have to have a favorite.
I never met a pantsuit I didn’t love. go to our website and you can get one of your own
Do you like to karaoke? I would like to invite you to our karaoke night on dickson street in your old town of fayetteville arkansas.
I love dickson street!
Political things aside, grandma feelings.... how does it feel to be a gma?
It's the best thing ever!
Are you going to make it easier for immigrants to have a pathway to citizenship?
Yes. this is a big difference I have with most of the republican candidates. donald trump in particular is getting a lot of attention for some hateful rhetoric, but jeb bush and marco rubio actually agree with him on denying a pathway to citizensh...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Hello hillary! you discussed accountability on wall street in last week's speech. it seems like we're constantly seeing stories in the news about misconduct on wall street, but no one is ever held accountable. what would you do to change it?
A good - and timely - question. tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of dodd-frank - the law passed to deal with the problems on wall street that led to the financial crisis. it's been under constant attack from republicans in congress ever since. as p...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
So many students, like myself, watch our student debt grow, and grow, and grow. I have so much debt and although I do pay every month, i'll be dead for decades before it could ever possibly be paid off. what are you going to do - or at least try to do - to curb the burden of student debt. we are young and we just want to live our lives without struggling every month because of the enormous student debt looming over us. thank you for your time, sec. clinton. I look forward to your response.
Nate, I am so sorry and angry about the situation you and so many young people find yourselves in. I borrowed money to go to law school, but I had the opportunity to pay it back as a percentage of my income over the years it took me to pay off. it...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Every morning, as my boyfriend zips out the door and I spend 30+ minutes getting ready, I wonder about how the "hair and makeup tax" affects other women — especially ones I admire in high-pressure, public-facing jobs. I know these questions can seem fluffy, but as a young professional woman, i'd genuinely love to hear about how you manage getting ready each morning (especially during your time traveling as secretary of state and now on the campaign trail) while staying focused on the "real" work ahead of you that day.
Amen, sister - you're preaching to the choir. it's a daily challenge. I do the best I can - and as you may have noticed, some days are better than others!
Many jobs are going to be displaced by automation. others may look quite different in a "gig economy," as you have recognized. would you support a negative income tax? what about flexible benefits, like workers compensation or unemployment insurance, that are independent of any given employer, similar to the the model of the affordable care act?
I had a feeling this might come up! you are asking exactly the kinds of questions that we all need to be asking about the future of work in an age of accelerating technological change. I certainly don’t have all the answers. but we have to resolve...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
You chose not to speak at netroots nation this weekend, two of your democratic primary rivals did -- both were interrupted by black lives matter protesters, who asked: "as the leader of this nation, will you advance a racial justice agenda that will dismantle -- not reform, not make progress -- but will begin to dismantle structural racism in the united states?" how would you have answered?
Black lives matter. everyone in this country should stand firmly behind that. we need to acknowledge some hard truths about race and justice in this country, and one of those hard truths is that that racial inequality is not merely a symptom of ec...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
And you’ve mentioned there have been seven or eight benghazi committees, this is the first to actually to discover and find your emails. was that a public service?
No. I mean, before this whole thing was a big controversy, you know, the state department was looking for information. my emails were on the government account – more than 90% of them. the state department was pulling them out. they’ve been han...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Do you think it should be disbanded? that’s what nancy pelosi has called for.
Well, I have to say that now that they’ve admitted it’s a political partisan committee for the sole purpose of going after me, not trying to make our diplomats who serve in dangerous areas safer, that’s up to the congress. if they’re going to ...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
You mentioned your republican rivals making hay of this. I have to ask you if the tables were turned and it was dick cheney or karl rove who had a private email account and a private server on which they conducted all their government business, would you be as understanding?
I would never have done that. look at the situation they chose to exploit to go after me political reasons – the death of four americans in benghazi. I knew the ambassador. I identified him. I asked him to go there. I asked the president to nomina...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
It’s allowed but you know this and anyone who works in government knows it’s really not encouraged to use your personal email and I just – do you get how bad it looks? it looks like you set up your personal, you set up your own email so that you would have control of those emails and you and you alone would decide when to release them, whether to release them. and in fact, that is what happened.
Well, savannah, first of all, it was allowed, and i’ve said it wasn’t the best choice. and every government official gets to decide what is personal and work related. if I had two separate accounts as many people do obviously, I would have decided...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Let’s talk about your favorite subject – the email controversy. I think i’ve read every single thing you’ve ever said about it as I was researching for this interview. and I have to tell you I see two things. on the one hand you’ve said sorry and you’ve apologized for the confusion that it creates. on the other hand sometimes you say it’s the work of your republican rivals going after you, it’s the same old partisan attacks. I guess my question to you is which is it? if you’re blaming the republicans, some might wonder how genuine is that apology.
Well, actually, it’s both. I mean, i’m sorry that I made a choice that has resulted in this kind of situation, and i’ve said I made a mistake. obviously, if I had to do it again, I wouldn’t. it was allowed and everybody has confirmed that. but...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Finally, president barack obama praised the famous “porches of charleston” as a memory he holds from his road to the white house here. do you have a favorite image of south carolina?
I also came here as a young lawyer for the children’s defense fund, made a lot of friends. so for me it’s not about politics or campaigning, it’s about personal memories rooted in family experiences and friendship.
The charleston area is becoming home to some big industries, landing the boeing jet plant and the volvo vehicle plant in recent times. but organized labor is under attack here, including from republican gov. nikki haley. do you advocate union organization in plants such as these?
In general and consistently I have advocated for the rights of americans to join labor unions, to have representation to bargain collectively for them on behalf of wages, benefits and working conditions. and I personally believe it’s good for amer...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Vermont sen. bernie sanders so far has emerged as your leading rival. he will be here sunday. there seems to be a surge from the democratic party left. how will you react to that?
I think it’s great that we’ve got a lot of interest and excitement about the democratic primary. i’m going to run my race. i’m going to talk about what I would do as president. and I welcomed him and the other contenders into the democratic side b...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Have you reached out and discussed the campaign with democrat u.s. rep. jim clyburn? he’s a big asset you need in this state. (clyburn hasn’t endorsed in the field.)
I’ve seen and talked with congressman clyburn often over the last years. and of course i’ve followed his advice about the campaign in south carolina. I look forward to him being a very helpful and leading supporter of mine.
In 2008 you didn’t fare so well against barack obama in south carolina, where he got 55 percent of the turnout to your 27 percent in the democratic primary. it was a pretty heated outcome that drew racial overtones. what have you learned since then and do you have to mend fences with african-americans here?
I think you always learn lessons from whatever you do. i’m very excited about the campaign we’re waging here in south carolina. we have a great leadership team, a lot of young active south carolinians who are putting together an organization acros...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
South carolina republican u.s. rep. trey gowdy is leading the house probe of the benghazi diplomatic attack in what many see as a review with partisan goals. do you consider this politically driven, or do you respect the process his committee is going through?
I know there have been numerous investigations by both the house and the senate that have been bipartisan, that have reached conclusions about what did and, more importantly, what did not happen. and there’s been an independent board that also inv...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
The piece that’s most important, and I stand here in your space, and I say this as respectfully as I can, but you don’t tell black people what we need to know. and we won’t tell you all what you need to do.
’m not telling you–i’m just telling you to tell me.
I think that the next step, respectfully, and I have attempted to allow you, and I feel like we have allowed space for a nice conversation and it is a pleasure and an honor to be in this dialogue with you but I think that a huge part of what you haven’t said is that you have offered a recognition that mass incarceration has not worked, and that it is an unfortunate consequence of government practices that just didn’t work. but the truth is that there is an extremely long history of unfortunate government practices that don’t work that particularly affect black people and black families, and until we as a country, and then the person who’s in the seat that you seek, actually addresses the anti-blackness current that is america’s first drug. we’re in a meeting about drugs. america’s first drug is free black labor, and turning black bodies into profit and the mass incarceration system mirrors an awful lot like the prison plantation system. it’s a similar thread, and until someone takes that message and speaks that truth to white people in this country so that we can actually take on anti-blackness as a founding problem in this country, I don’t believe that there is going to be a solution. because what the conversations that are happening now and why there is so much cohesion across the divide, the red side and the blue side, it’s because of money, right, we are spending a lot of money on prisons. we’re spending more money on prisons than we are on schools, but if we look at it from lens of let’s solve this financial problem, and we don’t look at the greater bottom line that african-americans who are americans are suffering at greater rates than most other people, every other people, for the length of this country then it’s not going to go away. it’s just going to morph into something new and evolved. you know, I genuinely want to know, you, hillary clinton, have been in no uncertain way, partially responsible for this. more than most. there may have been unintended consequences. but now that you understand the consequences, what in your heart has changed that’s going to change the direction of this country? like what in you—not your platform, not the things you’re supposed to say—like, how do you actually feel that’s different than you did before? like what were the mistakes, and how can those mistakes that you made be lessons for all of america for a moment of reflection on how we treat black people in this country?
Well, it’s a very thoughtful question, and here’s a thoughtful answer. and I can only tell you that I feel very committed to and responsible for doing whatever I can. I spent most of my adult life focused on kids, from the children’s defense fun...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
Yeah. and I would offer that it didn’t work then, either, and that those policies were actually extensions of white supremacist violence against communities of color. and so I just think I want to hear a little bit about that, about the fact that actually while—
Now, i’m not sure I agree with you. i’m not sure I disagree that any kind of government action often has consequences. and certainly, the war on drugs, which was started back in the ‘80s, has had consequences. increasing penalties for crime and ...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free
But your—you and your family have been personally and politically responsible for policies that have caused health and human services disasters in impoverished communities of color (inaudible) the domestic and international war on drugs that you championed as first lady, senator, and secretary of state. and so I just want to know how you feel about your role in that violence and how you plan to reverse it?
Well, you know, I feel strongly, which is why I had this town hall today. and as the questions and comments from people illustrated, there’s a lot of concern that we need to rethink and redo what we did in response to a different set of problems.a...This knowledge is worth millions but signing up is free